Jim Messina, Barack Obama’s campaign manager in 2012 and the chairman of liberal stormtroopers Organizing for Action (OFA), has a new job. While OFA continues to push for amnesty for illegals in the United States, Messina has hopped the pond to work for UK Prime Minister David Cameron and the Conservative Party as they start doing something novel: enforcing the UK’s immigration laws.  British Border Agency officers swept through train stations in London, and 130 people were arrested in those sweeps.  The British Home Office has launched a billboard campaign, whereby vans and buses emblazoned with the message GO HOME OR FACE ARREST send a clear message.

Needless to say, liberal online outlets like Talking Points Memo are in a lather about Messina’s recent choice of employment.  In a screeching article entitled What Is Messina Thinking?, TPM highlighted Messina’s past as an Obama aide, the OFA’s agenda in support of amnesty, and asked how it was possible for Messina to go from one extreme to the other.

It’s called money, and liberal political activists with money think scruples are money in  Russia and morals are paintings on walls.  In fact, they’re not even liberal, because amnesty has nothing to do with altruistic concern for illegal aliens; like the Affordable Care Act, the amnesty bill is at its core a gigantic giveaway to Big Business. Rank and file liberals might think they accomplished something by electing Barack Obama; to the extent that their policies can be utilized in the interests of corporations, they can make progress on their favorite issues.

It’s akin to the conservative that thinks government is too hard on business, ignoring the $29.3 trillion in bailouts government gave to banks and the continued subsidies to the financial industry that keeps Too Big To Fail too big to fail.  Governments want to get elected and businesses want to get more of your money; the combination leads down the primrose path to bailouts, subsidies, and away from free market capitalism.

Liberals can’t comprehend this, largely because of the mental and cognitive defects that lead to liberal infections. Anyone who observes Jim Messina and is shocked that professional political operative went to work for a politician like David Cameron after working for Barack Obama is too stupid to comprehend that Messina, like any prostitute, is going to go to the john who can pay him for his services.  He’s not going to question what the john wants, because johns don’t pay you to ask questions about what they want.

Once David Cameron gets elected, he’ll have his come to Jesus moment and amnesty will set in over in Britain, just as it has over here. After all, Barack Obama led the way in deportations all the while biding his time and waiting for the right opportunity to get amnesty legislation passed.

Obama Aide Messina Helps UK Sell Immigration Crackdown

At a time of epic unemployment, with two people on government assistance for every job generated under President Obama, First Dog Bo managed to swing an $11,000 an hour Osprey flight to Martha’s Vineyard.  In addition, 70 hotel rooms at up $345 a night had to be booked for the president’s entourage of Secret Service agents.  Air Force One, with 4,000 square feet, was unable to hold the Portugese Water Dog, so Bo came separately via his own Osprey.

Your president, showing his don’t give a damn.  President George W. Bush gave up golf in 2003 during the Iraq War over his concerns that it sent the wrong signal. President Obama, on the other hand, had played 100 rounds of golf by 2012.  At that pace, Obama had managed four times as much golf as Bush in four years.  Meanwhile, in 2013 alone, the Obamas averaged a vacation a month.

When Polish President Lech Kaczynski died in plane crash, Obama skipped his funeral and went golfing at Andrews Air Force Base instead. President Bush stayed at Camp David until after Christmas to give his Secret Service detail the opportunity to spend Christmas with their families; it was only after Christmas that he headed home to Crawford.

President Obama’s tone deaf approach to the presidency, and his constant vacationing at a time when America is beset by uncertainty over the economy, jobs, foreign policy, and immigration, is merely a continuation of his bankrupt leadership style. When the going gets tough, the going go on vacation.  They let their dog travel separately on an $11,000 flight, lest they be inconvenienced by the prospect of traveling on Air Force One with him.

Alien and Sedition Media’s Hot One Podcast for August 12, 2013 examines the recent appointment of Wesley Theological Seminary professor Shaun Casey to head the State Department’s Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, and his statements in 2012 in which he declared that he was glad American civil religion was dying.  Casey also blamed religion for slavery, and we examine his remarks in the context of the troubling attitude towards religion President Obama revealed at a San Francisco fundraiser in April 2008.  It’s your Hot One Podcast: Shaun Casey, Barack Obama, and Contempt for Religion.

President Obama, a man who couldn’t be bothered to serve a full term as a U.S. senator before jumping to the White House, has managed to destabilize all of North Africa and most of the Middle East.  For two years now, the Free Syrian Army, the Islamic State of Iraq, and the Levant have tried and failed to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

In the process, they’ve shown their savagery, as rebel attacks using sarin gas have been confirmed, and rebel commander Abu Sakkar has been filmed eating the heart of a dead Syrian Army fighter. Despite this, the U.N. continues to delay inspections in Syria, citing logistical issues.

The Obama Administration continues to push for congressional permission to arm Syrian jihadist rebels, insisting that there are moderate factions among the Syrian rebels.  President Obama is pushing for that permission now, even after he’s been arming Syrian rebels in secret for over a year now. Despite the recent news that Syrian rebels targeted women and children in the Alawite stronghold of Latakia, the Free Syrian Army denied that the rebels were engaged in sectarian violence.

Our president has made a mess in Syria, and he’s committed to staying the course even if it means arming rebels as they slaughter Christians and engage in war crimes.  Obama can’t deny that he was involved in funding and sowing the seeds for the civil war in Syria as early as 2009, because leaked diplomatic cables from Wikileaks prove that he was.

As Michael Posner, Assistant U.S. Secretary of State for Human Rights and Labor put it in 2011 when he outlined the U.S. training for 5,000 activists in the Middle East:

“They went back and there’s a ripple effect.”

There certainly was. It was christened the Arab Spring, and Posner’s remarks in April 2011 concerned a training effort six weeks beforehand. In fact, the New York Times acknowledged as much when it published an article entitled U.S. Groups Helped Nurture Uprisings.    Freedom House, the International Republican Institute, and the National Democratic Institute were funded by Congress; the latter two organizations received grants from the National Endowment for Democracy while Freedom House received its money from the State Department.

Two years later, over 70,000 Syrians are dead as the Obama Administration tries to destabilize the government of Bashar al-Assad and replace it with a loose coalition of Islamic fanatics and radical jihadists.  Obama’s mess in Syria has no end in sight, and the ultimate price of his meddling will be more atrocities committed against innocent Syrian civilians by jihadist rebels he is arming.

As the situation winds on, the country that needs regime change more than Syria is clearly the United States.  President Obama has been arming radical jihadists and making a mess of North Africa and the Middle East for five years now, and between his actions there and his ongoing scandals with the ATF, DEA, CIA, NSA, and IRS, it’s time to take action against President Obama.

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Steven Restivo, Walmart senior director of communications, had finally had enough with the liberals quibbling over his employer’s wages.  The Nation, America’s leading leftist magazine for lemmings, had taken Walmart to task over over its average wage of $8.18 an hour. Because it’s easy, The Nation arrived at the made up recommended wage of $12 an hour, and then posted its demand for this wage to Walmart’s CEO in an open letter.

Restivo, being a man who holds a real job in the real world, decided to fire back.  He sent out an email highlighting The Nation’s own hypocrisy, noting that its interns made below minimum wage, and only recently had their pay bumped from $150 a week to $7.25 an hour.  When all was said and done, The Nation made Walmart’s point for them in an release:

“We are not yet certain how this will work out long term, but for the fall we are anticipating hiring ten interns rather than twelve.”

Walmart has been making the argument that raising the minimum wage results in fewer employment opportunities for years.  For the millions of Americans who are out of work, something would likely be better than nothing, only they can’t get something because of the kind-hearted progressivism of The Nation, whose readers advocate for unrealistic policies that effectively consign people to nothing in place of something.

After all, The Nation is an enthusiastic supporter of policies like Obamacare, which will leave 30 million Americans uninsured (down from 46 million), while condemning millions of Americans to fewer hours at work and fewer opportunities.  Then there’s the 800,000 fewer jobs as a result of Obamacare.

This is the road to utopia, if The Nation is to be believed.  After all, in 2012, The Nation had the audacity to write a defense of Obamacare, when even the architects and supporters of Obamacare like Max Baucus are calling it a train wreck.  Harry Reid agreed with Baucus, and then did what Harry Reid always does: he said we needed to spend more money on insurance reform implementation that leaves 30 million Americans uninsured, eliminates 800,000 jobs, and condemns millions of Americans to less work, less pay, and fewer opportunities.

But hey, at least Alleen Brown, one of the 12 Nation interns who wrote a letter pleading for higher pay, had her credit cards to fall back on: she used the stipend to buy a week’s worth of food, then paid for her rent and other bills on a credit card. She’s now a freelancer in Minneapolis.  Words fail. Liberalism in action, people, or should we say inaction?

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The Black Queen

On Wednesday, the Office of Personnel Management issued a ruling saying that U.S. lawmakers and their staffs would continue to receive a federal contribution toward the health insurance they will be purchasing in the exchanges under Obamacare.  The ruling ensures that lawmakers and their staffs will receive the same health contributions as other federal workers under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.

It also enables Congress to avoid any culpability for passing an exemption for its members and their staffs, because this exemption was a backdoor effort by an Executive Agency.  Average Americans faced with slashed hours and reduced opportunities for full-time work as a result of Obamacare won’t receive an exemption from a 29 hour workweek, nor will they receive any other relief.

Congress is better than average Americans, and its staffers are “a tremendous intellectual resource” according to House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.  Pelosi’s expenditures have raised eyebrows in the past, especially the $2.1 million in air travel paid for by the Department of Defense and the $101,000 for “in-flight services” including thousands of dollars in liquor purchases.  Of course, the fact that Pelosi’s family joined her for 31 trips at $28,000 a pop should be of no concern, for she is a “tremendous intellectual resource” entitled to her prerogatives.

So it is that the Office of Personnel Management, tasked with overseeing human resources issues for federal employees, managed to legislate a waiver for Congress and its staffers so that Congress wouldn’t have to on its own. In the end, Congress managed to kick the can down the road for another day, with the individual mandate looming for millions of ordinary Americans, 30 million of whom will be uninsured even with Obamacare.

We can’t let the architects of this ill-conceived, poorly-executed law go without those federal contributions, because it might lead to a brain-drain.  Right.

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The Bacon King

The Bacon King, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, has stirred controversy yet again with his appearance in videos that promote New Jersey tourism. The videos, produced by a politically connected firm, MWW, put Christie and his family front and center. They also cost $2.2 million more than the bid submitted by runner up firm Sigma Group.  Sigma submitted a bid for $2.5 million to run the ad campaign for New Jersey’s tourism industry, but Sigma made no political contributions and its ad campaign did not call for Governor Christie to make an appearance.

The six member bid evaluation team, comprised of Christie Administration officials, said the following of Sigma Group’s bid:

“[it] addressed the tasks and deliverables specified in the RFQ (request for quotation) … (and) could effectively meet the requirements of this RFQ.”

All of that, and for $2.2 million less than MWW.  Of course, that $2.2 million went a long way towards purchasing lenses with a wide enough aperture to fit the Bacon King’s entire girth into the frame.  MWW’s original bid was $5.2 million, with CEO Michael Kempner’s hourly rate set at $595 an hour.  While Sigma Group intended to work with Weber Shandwick, the marketing firm behind New Orleans’s post-Katrina tourism ad campaign, MWW offered no disaster experience in its bid whatsoever.

It offered a vastly higher price, and the inclusion of the Bacon King.  That was enough.  The Bacon King got his free 2016 campaign ads on the dime of federal taxpayers, just as Alaska fisheries received subsidies from the Sandy relief bill.  Of course, $4.7 million might have been better spent providing direct relief to New Jersey in the form of infrastructure re-building, or the $2.2 million the state wold have saved by going with Sigma Group could have been spent on such programs, but that’s no fun for the Bacon King!

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US-Constitution-toilet-paper-1-300x220-1Yes,the Constitution is toilet paper, and you have only to look at the way government behaves to understand why this is the case.  Today’s edition highlights a growing practice of state and local governments, civil asset forfeiture.  Civil asset forfeiture enables the government to seize your property without charging or convicting you of any crime.  That’s because you aren’t on trial; instead, your property is on trial.

In the United States, your property has no presumption of innocence, right to counsel, or any of the other myriad individual rights you have as an actual person.  Civil asset forfeiture is a way of holding your property liable for the crime you are suspected of committing.  Even though the police cannot convict you of any crime, they can still hold your property accountable for the crime they think you committed.

Who do you have to thank for this? Congress. In 1984, Congress passed the Comprehensive Crime Control Act, establishing a special fund.  Local police providing assistance to federal investigations soon found that their cooperation was profitable; through a program known as Equitable Sharing, a large percentage of the proceeds from seizures were shared with the local police providing the assistance.

For the Department of Justice, seizures went from $27 million in 1985 to $4.2 billion in 2012.

DOJ Asset Forfeiture Seizures




Abuse and Death

The laws led to a multitude of abuses, none more tragic than the abuses that took the life of California millionaire Donald Scott.  Scott had suspected the National Park Service of desiring to acquire his property.  He had refused to sell, and the DEA, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, the National Park Service, the California National Guard, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Border Patrol raided his ranch on the morning of October 2, 1992 with 32 officers.

The deputies broke down the door to Scott’s house, and his wife screamed out “Don’t shoot me, don’t kill me.”  Predictably, this brought Donald Scott out of the bedroom, with .38 caliber Colt revolver in hand.  Scott’s vision was impaired by a recent cataract operation, and when he pointed his revolver in the direction of deputies, Deputy Gary Spencer shot him to death.

Although the ranch was in Ventura County, there were no Ventura County law enforcement officers present.  The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department had no jurisdiction over the case or the ranch, yet in the aftermath of Scott’s shooting, Los Angeles County attempted to claim jurisdiction over the investigation into his death.

Ventura County District Attorney Michael Bradbury’s investigation found that the search warrant contained misstatements, evasions, and omissions.  He concluded that the raid, which the agents had portrayed as an attempt to find marijuana plants, was instead designed to seize Scott’s ranch under asset forfeiture law.  The proceeds would be divvied up among the participating agencies.

The raiding agents had in their possession a parcel map with a handwritten notation that an nearby 80 acre property had sold for $800,000.  In the weeks leading up to the raid, Deputy Spencer had hiked to a site overlooking Scott’s ranch, but he found nothing in the way of marijuana plants.  Spencer claims that an informant told him about a marijuana growing operation on Scott’s ranch, but he produced no tapes or documentary evidence of the conversation. Additionally, the informant in question disputed Spencer’s version of their conversation. Spencer next tasked an Air National Guard jet with flying over the ranch to take photographs. Again, the photos turned up no evidence of a marijuana growing operation.  It wasn’t until Spencer sent a DEA agent in a light plane to fly over the property that evidence of a marijuana operation was found.

The DEA agent, Charles Stowell, claimed to have seen flashes of green hidden in the trees. Stowell wasn’t certain about what he’d seen, so he warned Spencer not to use his claims in a search warrant unless further corroboration could be attained.  Stowell took no photographs at all. Spencer then requested a night-time warrantless search by members of the Border Patrol, which resulted in no location of marijuana plants.  A Fish and Game warden and a member of the Coastal Commission then entered the property the next day to do a “trout survey” and investigate alleged water pollution.  Again, they found no marijuana plants.  Two days later, a sheriff’s deputy and a National Park ranger visited the ranch, posing as customers looking for a Rottweiler puppy.

The Scotts gave them a tour, and they turned up no evidence of marijuana.  Four days after that, despite six different searches that turned up no evidence of a marijuana growing operation, Spencer filed an affidavit saying that Stowell’s airborne search had turned up 50 marijuana plants.  He omitted any mention of the other searches in the affidavit, and Judge Herbert Curtis III gave Spencer his search warrant.

On October 2, 1992,  Donald Scott was shot and killed by Deputy Spencer in his home as he tried to defend his wife.  No marijuana plants were found after his death.  In the end, after Ventura County District Attorney Michael Bradbury issued a scathing report accusing Spencer of impropriety, Spencer sued Bradbury for defamation.  He lost the case, and was ordered to pay Bradbury $50,000 to cover his legal fees.

Scott’s wife, Frances, lived on the property while the government attempted to seize it for unpaid taxes.  County and federal government officials settled with Scott’s heirs and estate. They paid $5 million to get the heirs and the estate to drop the wrongful death lawsuit.

Continuing Abuses

Jennifer Boatright, a waitress at a Houston bar-and-grill, and her boyfriend Ron Henderson, were taking their annual trip to Linden in 2007. They passed through Tenaha, Texas, with Boatright’s two small children in the backseat and their savings in the car’s center console. They were going to buy a used car in Linden while visiting Henderson’s father.

They stopped at a mini-mart, and ten minutes later they got back on the highway.  Officer Barry Washington pulled them over, and requested to search the car.  They found the cash and marbled glass pipe that Boatright said was a gift for her sister-in-law.  Washington and his partner then took Boatright and Henderson to the police station, and Washington claimed to have smelled marijuana in his police report.

Lynda K. Russell, the county district attorney, arrived an hour after Boatright and Henderson had been taken into custody.  She gave the couple two choices:  felony charges for money laundering, child endangerment, or the option of signing over their cash to the city of Tenaha and getting back on the road.  If the couple chose the former option, Boatright’s children would be turned over to CPS.

Boatright and Henderson signed the release, and left Tenaha.  They later complained to the county about the seizure of their money, only to be contacted by Russell, who informed them that continuing to contest the seizure would lead to felony charges. Boatright and Henderson continued fighting, retaining Nacogdoches attorney David Guillory, who filed a class action lawsuit against Shelby County and Tenaha.

What Guillory found in his research was stunning: police in Shelby County had pulled over a woman for a traffic violation and seized her gold crucifix.  In dozens of cases, the pattern repeated itself: police stopped motorists and took anything of value they could find under the cover of asset forfeiture laws.

Guillory also found documentation that Barry Washington, the city marshal who had implemented forfeitures in Tenaha, had received bonuses totaling $40,000 from the seizures. District Attorney Russell had donated $1,000 of the seized funds to a Baptist church instrumental in her re-election.

In order to avoid a trial, Tenaha and Shelby County agreed to a settlement, whereby they complied with twenty-one policy changes.  Texas legislators later banned roadside waivers and restricted the use of forfeiture funds.

Asset forfeiture programs have become the rule rather than the exception throughout the United States, with forfeiture laws being used for any number of crimes or regulatory violations unrelated to drug trafficking. At the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit, police in commando gear raided a monthly meeting, utilizing an old city ordinance aimed at speakeasies to justify their raid.  The Institute had no permits for after-hours dancing and drinking, and therefore the police seized every attendee’s car keys, taking forty-four cars to impound lots.

The attendees had to pay more than a thousand dollars to have their cars returned; otherwise, the cars would become the property of the city.  Detroit also had a program known as “Bag the Fag” under the city’s “annoying persons” ordinance.  If a gay man returned the glances of undercover officers, the officers would arrest the men and then seize their vehicles.


Asset forfeiture is the most egregious example of a civil rights violation perpetrated by governments the United States today.  It must be stopped.  Even if the individuals in question are guilty of a crime, we have laws in place to afford the guilty due process.   The fact that an individual has committed a crime does not excuse the government from its obligation prove wrongdoing, and it is the means by which government has vastly expanded its power to intrude into our lives and violate our liberties.

We have a government that is limited by the Constitution and our rights as enshrined in the Bill of Rights, and no federal law should be able to obliterate those limits.  Civil asset forfeiture is tyrannical, unconstitutional, and should be abolished immediately at all levels. The government must establish criminal wrongdoing beyond a reasonable doubt before it seizes property, if we are to remain a nation of laws.

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