Dustin Stockton, Co-Founder & Chief Strategist

DustinStocktonAs a father of four, Dustin knew he could not sit idle and watch while their future was destroyed by elected officials controlled by special interest groups. Believing that the most effective way to make a difference was to support candidates that would fight for “We the People,” he formed the Western Representation PAC with his dad. What began as a conversation during Thanksgiving dinner in 2009 has emerged as one of the largest and fastest growing political groups in the nation.

Seeing that there was something different about this 27 year old activist, the Tea Party Express invited Dustin to become a speaker on their national bus tour. Beginning in Searchlight Nevada, the home of Harry Reid, Dustin traveled over 9000 miles speaking at nearly 60 rallies. This experience allowed him to connect with Patriots across America proving that not all young people have been taken over by the Progressives.

Dustin was a debate champion in high school and college, often dealing with the wrath of his professors when arguing a Conservative position. His earliest experience speaking to a crowd was as a national finalist in the National History Day competition in Washington DC. He had won the State Jr. High competition while in the sixth grade.

Dustin’s ability as a political strategist was proven during the 2010 and 2012 election cycles as he developed new methods of using a combination of traditional and social media to make a difference in several key races across the nation. Additionally, Dustin’s first book, Community Organizer: A Tea Party Story, recounting his journey from forklift operator to leading national political activist, is available on Amazon.

Roger Stockton, Co-Founder & Treasurer

RogerStocktonRoger Stockton is a small business owner and former firefighter. Growing up in rural Nevada, he learned the value of hard work early in life. At 12 years old he worked his first summer job pumping gas at a Texaco station. At the age of 20 he became the youngest person ever to become a certified paramedic in Nevada after completing training in South Central Los Angeles. During his fire service career, he held the positions of firefighter-paramedic, engineer, inspector, hazardous materials program director and IT director.

Over the years, Roger has owned several small businesses including a successful small technology firm specializing in supporting manufacturing operations and small business systems. As an employer, he understands the burdens placed on job creators by over reaching bureaucracies and the challenges business owners face every day.

Roger and his wife of 33 years have three sons and six grandchildren. His desire for them to have the opportunity to grow up in the same America as he did is the motivation for him to join the fight to take our country back.

Jay Batman, Director of Research and Messaging

199103_1002730702384_9085_n (1)Jay Batman is a recent graduate of the Texas Tech University School of Law, and an alumnus of the University of Montevallo, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Political Science. The founder and lead writer of Screed of Momus, and a writer for sites like Right Wing News, America Resists, Liberty Pulse, Gonzo Times, and various other sites, he lives in West Texas with his dog and co-author, Buddy Love.

He is a staunch civil libertarian, fiscal conservative, and ardent believer in limited government, as well as a strict Second Amendment proponent.  His past work experience included positions in retail management for companies like Walgreens and OfficeMax, and he taught high school English for three years in Florida and Tennessee.  He looks forward to contributing as a soldier in the fight to restore our government to constitutional limits.

Tiffiny Ruegner, Director of Logistics and Outreach

Tiff suit dark backgroundTiffiny Ruegner is a small business owner, homeschool and charter school mother, and she started out as a Tea Party activist working on four national bus tours with the the Tea Party Express. She was instrumental in creating and executing various rallies for the Tea Party Express, including the Showdown in Searchlight.  Working with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart, and others, Ruegner quickly moved to shadow campaigns for candidates like Scott Brown, Joe Miller, Christine O’Donnell, and Senator Mike Lee, as well as Congressman Raul Labrador.  She executed radiothons, press conferences, and other media initiatives, and quickly developed a reputation that led to work with organizations like Cain Solutions, ACU-CPAC, Eagle Forum, and the Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama. In 2012, she worked with presidential candidates like Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, and Herman Cain. She became the State Director and campaign advisor for Newt Gingrich in the Nevada presidential primary.

Tiffiny became the National Executive Director of TheTeaParty.net, and created major events like the Tea Party Caucus Townhalls and the Unity Rally 2012.  Tiffiny also began stirring women up as warriors against the victimless “War on Women” as the Executive Director of WomenWarriorsPAC.com.  In the fight for American civil rights, she sponsored national gun rallies in 2013, most prominently helping to organize over 120 Day of Resistance Rallies on February 28th with over 100,000 people in attendance.  Having lived outside the country, Tiffiny appreciates America’s special place in the world and the special freedoms that make us a shining city on a hill, as well as the importance of restoring the Constitution to its proper place in American government.

She blogs as @TheRightMixx for Right Wing News, DustinStockton.com, and Politicalistas.  You can find her on social media as @TheRightMixx, @TeaPartyArmy, @WomenWarrior PAC, @JesusDoesSave, and on Facebook as Tiffiny Ruegner and TheRightMixx.


Right Wing News founder John Hawkins said this to describe Tiffiny: “The reason she’s so successful is she’s willing to do things most people don’t want to do.”

Our Country Deserves Better PAC (Tea Party Express) Chief Strategist Sal Russo: ” I recommend Tiffiny for positions that have demanding requirements as she excels when the pressure is most intense.”

Founder of Western Representation PAC & Chief Strategist for The Tea Party.net Dustin Stockton: “Super-activist Tiffiny Ruegner.”

Joe The Plumber: “She’s like a pitbull on projects. once she’s got her teeth into something she won’t let it go until it’s done.”