We’re Going To Defeat Harry Reid

As native Nevadans we’d like to apologize for Harry Reid, we can assure you that he doesn’t represent our great home state. His unpopularity is only matched by his twisted political machine. After six years as national limited government activists we are excited to announce that the Western Representation PAC will be focusing all of our resources into electing proper representation for Nevada, or really, anyone but Harry Reid! This is going to be a tough campaign and if we’re going to finally oust Harry Reid we’re going to need a lot of help! The average contribution to our organization hovers around $30 which means we’re exclusively grassroots funded! If you’re convinced you can contribute by clicking this link or you can keep reading and I’ll tell you little more about the political adventure we’ve been on!


Above is a picture of me and my Dad Roger at the Tea Party Express Rally in Harry Reid’s hometown of Searchlight, NV in 2010. As native Nevadans we started Western Representation PAC to do what we could to defeat Harry Reid and because we’re embarrassed to be represented in Washington by Reid. With no great personal wealth and with no political connections we built the Western Representation PAC into a conservative powerhouse, instrumental in taking down a lot of powerful political machines from coast to coast! We’ve picked up a lot of campaign skills along the way and now we’re excited to put them to use defeating Reid.



Unlike many other groups who will “play” in this race, this is where we are from! We’ve spent the last six years developing our political network nationally and at home here in Nevada! Over the years we’ve sponsored and organized events around Nevada and around the country! In 2012 we helped bring Sarah Palin to Reno and when the gun grabbers attacked in 2013 we responded with the .2/23 Day of Resistance rallies in more than a 100 cities across the country (pictured below). Our first mission was to defeat Harry Reid and we came up short in 2010, we dedicated ourselves to not let that happen again! The best way to join us is to sign up for our activism emails and if you can afford it, make a financial contribution



Sarah Palin headlines our Reno Rally in 2012

Gun activists gather in Salt Lake City despite snow storm in 2013

Gun activists gather in Salt Lake City despite snow storm in 2013 for the .2/23 Day of Resistance Rally